5 things to know before switching from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

The WordPress adventure usually starts with a simple, personal blog if you just want to write some thoughts down or create a community around a topic or hobby.

At the moment, there are over 75 million sites built on WordPress, and half of them are hosted on the free version of it: WordPress.com.

The rest is using WordPress.org. Which is the business-oriented platform, but more difficult to manage than the first one.

Difficult how?

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Content vs Design – Which one matters more?

At a first glance, you may think they are not related. Because they are two different things. By content, I mean text – posts, articles, landing pages, ads etc. By design, I mean how you present your ideas visually.

Blogs have the power and all the big companies use them to monetize their work, inter alia. When it comes to marketing, if you don’t blog, you don’t exist.

Content and design should complement each other, but have they an equal value?

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Free video resources for your WordPress blog and website

A couple of months ago, I made a post that lists some of the greatest sites that offer free photos you can use on your site without having to worry about their copyright.

Now it’s time for you to know where you can find free videos as well. As today’s websites tend to be more and more based on multimedia files, it’s good to have your own video “stash” somewhere, just in case.

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Free photography resources for your blog – Where to find free images?

It’s not so easy to pick the right images when writing an article. The posts are yours and you have no worries, but what about the photos you’re using? Unless you’re a photographer and you have your own image stock. You can’t just google a random image and steal it. Its copyright stays in the way.

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What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Write – 7 Blog Posts Ideas That Always Work

There are days when nothing interesting comes to your mind, despite all the efforts to find a keyword or something to cling to. What do you do in this case? There are three options:

  1. Skip today’s article hoping that tomorrow you’ll have better inspiration. If you do that, then you’d better come with something damn good the next day.
  2. Write about your lack of ideas and give others some advice based on that. This is exactly what I’m gonna do now. But you have only one shot. Next time when you’re in the same situation, you screwed it. You can’t just write hundreds of posts about how you can’t come with a brilliant idea.
  3. Do whatever it takes to pull a rabbit out of the hat or just try to “force” an idea and do something nice with it.

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