A couple of months ago, I made a post that lists some of the greatest sites that offer free photos you can use on your site without having to worry about their copyright.

Now it’s time for you to know where you can find free videos as well. As today’s websites tend to be more and more based on multimedia files, it’s good to have your own video “stash” somewhere, just in case.

Videos always attract visitors and keep them engaged with your content. That’s why using them on your website will help you drive more traffic.

where to find free videos?

Like images, videos can be found in multiple variants: free, paid, or with the agreement of the author. You can get in trouble way easier than you think just by picking the wrong video.

The next lists provide you free videos that you can use on your site and can assure you no one is going to claim their rights for stealing their work. You can use them in your posts, backgrounds, headers, etc.



Pexels is a free collection of high-quality videos from various categories and for any kind of usage. Most of them are about 20-30 seconds length and can be easily downloaded in your computer and then uploaded to your site.

Pexels has also a great photography collection, which is also free. The site was actually built for showcasing free images and then extended to video galleries. Both Pexels’ images and videos are stunning. Check them out.



This site has itself a full-screen video header which lets you know how your site would look if you’d use a similar one. Modern and catchy, huh?

Scroll down for their gallery. They have plenty of free videos that will give your site a special appearance. All the videos are artistic and beautiful, capturing different places and things, so it would be unlikely to not find something you need here.

There’s a lot of diversity here, you’ll need to book a couple of hours from your time if you want to “coverr” everything.



This site is a true video provider, as the entire homepage is made of full-width videos, placed one below another. The way it presents its video galleries catches your eye in an instant. It has interactive and playful pages – ribbons, grid, universe style.

Your search for videos will be more awesome while browsing through Mazwai. By the way, the videos are filtered by author and they’re plenty.



Videvo is a specialized site that provides an awesome free video stock and great motion graphics. It has a lot of files, from various categories.

They currently have over 3600 HD videos. So take your time, make a tea… or two, or three… bring some food and start looking for nice videos for your site.



Another website with a cool free video stock and a great look. Apart from downloading files for your site, you can also upload your own video here. If it meets the basic requirements, your video will be showcased on Distill.

This site has an interactive homepage look, which plays videos instantly after hovering the cursor over them.

All the files have a high quality and are beautifully filtered by categories. The site’s layout lets you search for videos in an easy way.

These would be just a couple of video sites that I found more interesting and that bring great resources for a more engaging content. Check them out and let me know if you found them useful.

Also, if you have a similar site, post it here and show it to everybody. 

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