5 things to know before switching from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

The WordPress adventure usually starts with a simple, personal blog if you just want to write some thoughts down or create a community around a topic or hobby.

At the moment, there are over 75 million sites built on WordPress, and half of them are hosted on the free version of it: WordPress.com.

The rest is using WordPress.org. Which is the business-oriented platform, but more difficult to manage than the first one.

Difficult how?

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What are the main 5 websites you can build with WordPress?

If you ask me, I think you can build any type of website with WordPress. I’ve seen so many tools, plugins, themes, improvements, add-ons, and lots of other things that can totally transform your basic site into something that can become an essential pylon in your career.

But there are only 5 websites that are most used by people. The 5 that are the most popular and make WordPress the best CMS today and for a long time from now. If not forever. Continue reading

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com? Which one is better?

Lots of people from around the world use WordPress for their websites. Most of them use it for their blogs. And many are directed to WordPress.com, which is free and easy to set up in a couple of minutes.

Using WordPress.com is easier and more comfortable… only in the beginning.

If you need something more complex that can be easily and entirely controlled, then WordPress.org is the optimal choice here. Continue reading