Landing pages are amazing. They are in the top of the best money-making strategies in marketing. Believe it or not, they have the power to make the customers interact with your content in a way or another. Landing pages are actually those pages that stand between your customer and their decision to either take the final step or not. If they decided to take action, then the landing page did its job.

That’s why making a landing page can be very difficult because it takes an entire creative process. But when you manage to get your clients engaged with it, this is where you win.


what is a landing page?

A landing page is a webpage whose purpose is to drive conversions. It means that it should be made with a single goal in mind: to get the customers’ attention and convince them to take action. Landing pages usually target a particular audience and come with a specific offer such as a new collection release, a takeaway, coupons, a subscription form or any other very specific offers that bring you direct benefits. I mean, the users won’t just click or view the page, but they will also do what you ask them to do.

A landing page is created to make people “buy a ticket to your show”. It turns visitors into clients.

The landing page is the final page where people land after clicking on your ad. It’s the final URL of an ad. 


why is a landing page important?

Because it brings you conversions.

Not very convinced?

Simple as that. Landing pages are where conversions happen. They are made to convince the customer to buy your products or to take any kind of actions, depending on what you want. The landing page’s goal is to make the customer go all the way until they bring you the expected result.

Also, a landing page is a very important factor in Google’s search process. You can’t even compete with other advertisers if don’t have a relevant landing page. A good landing page is always an essential factor, no matter how much money you invest in a campaign.

Here’s what Google says about what makes a great Quality Score:

google quality score

And – bonus! – a great landing page that gets many clicks will reduce your costs a lot when it comes to advertising. The better your landing page is, the smaller your charges are when you want to invest in an ad. A high-quality landing page turns into less money spent on promotion.

So, a landing page will not only affect the way your sales perform but also your chances to succeed in Google’s marketing campaigns. Want to earn money from your website? You’d better create a catchy and tellingly landing page that will demand your customers click on it in an instant.


                                                           (by Search Engine Land)


how to create a landing page that converts

To create an effective landing page is not that easy. It takes time, money, and usually a long thinking process. A landing page is not just a normal page on your site, it’s a marketing strategy. It is supposed to sell, drive conversions, and to bring the users on your site. WordPress has plenty of free and paid resources for creating landing pages: plugins, drag-and-drop theme builders, or coding (if you have the skills).

But, don’t start creating the landing page for your site until you read the most important aspects that make it valuable:


the design

First of all, you need an appealing design to put your offer in the spotlight. It needs to be original and catchy, but at the same time it should highlight your message. On the other hand, the design should be playful, easy to follow, not too cluttered, and combining a range of memorable visuals.

Usually, a minimalist design will be more effective because the client won’t be distracted by too many visual elements and won’t forget why they came on your site. Don’t try to kill two birds with one stone, you have one goal: to make them take action on a specific thing.

The design and the text should be complementary – the visual part should highlight the message of the copy.

Many people make this mistake of losing control when it comes to a landing page’s visuals because they think this is the way of getting the user’s attention. And perhaps it will, but not in the desired way.


the copy

Try to create short and compelling copy whilst focusing on keywords and call-to-action buttons. Try to offer your customers the solution for their needs.  Also, avoid stereotypes and standard formulas, stop telling the obvious.

Use a simple structure for the copy. Have too much to say? Compress your ideas into a few relevant words.

Speak to your customers the way you do to your friends.

Adopt a comfortable and friendly tone of voice. You won’t get too far by being robotic and formal. No one likes that tone… the bossy approach, so to speak.

The headline should be very strong and promising, but the text should keep the promise. I mean, don’t use titles that lie. If you make a promise, try to keep it. Offer your customers a reliable solution for their questions.

Use heavy words? Yes, but only if you think they tell the truth.


the images… or videos

When the context is right, let the images speak for yourselfUse images, but don’t exaggerate. As in the design case, the images should be used only when needed and not just for their sake. If you think an image won’t give an extra something to the page or complete it somehow, don’t use any.

If there is something that really needs to be shown, then go ahead. Pick your best image and place it smartly, turn it into a helping tool in the selling process. For instance, if you want to show a new collection or a new product, then an image with that product will help.

Same goes for videos too. By the way, did you know that using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%?


powerful call-to-action buttons

There shouldn’t be any landing page without a call-to-action element. Actually, the call-to-action button is what makes a landing page… a landing page.


Don’t let your customers look too much for something on your site because they don’t like complicated stuff. If you’d make me go through a long process for ending a subscription form or anything like that, I’d say “No way, I’m trying somewhere else”.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a kind invitation to do a specific thing.  People are most likely to take action when they are directly invited to.



If your topic allows you, use playful buttons and forms to give your readers the chance to pick their own options.

Be playful, let the customers have fun when coming to your page. Don’t be boring and formal. This is one of the keys that open the door to your target audience. Make your landing page look more like a game than a simple page.

These guys at Hell’o Baby here did a great job that I almost made an album for myself.





the landing page is not a regular web page

A landing page is more than a normal page in your website. Don’t make it look like it. Don’t use sidebars or footer. A landing page should look more like a poster that promotes an event. So, go straight to the point and make it all about your purpose.

Don’t use anything that will distract your customer. It’s just the landing page and him.


create more versions of the same landing page

Have you made a plan on how your landing page will look like? Okay, that’s great, but before using it, try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself: “Does it make me want to take any action? Am I convinced by that?”

Test many versions of a landing page. No matter what you do, there is no perfect landing page.

Don’t stick with only one version of a landing page. Try to combine stuff and get a few more versions. Play with your imagination. Ask people what they think and which one makes them pay more attention. Don’t be skeptical, tests bring a lot of value to your business

It did for us. We managed to increase the number of downloads on ThemeIsle by 10% after including testimonials from in our plugin pages. And 10% means a lot.



Experience. Observe. Make changes. Do it until it brings you the desired results.


get inspired a bit…

To show how a great landing page should look like, I’ll give you some examples of some beautiful pages. As you can notice, most of them are simple yet appealing. They make you scroll back to give them another look.


Red Pen



Days App



Hell’o Baby


















Hope I managed to hit you with an idea. Any thoughts about other things that make a landing page great? 


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