It’s not so easy to pick the right images when writing an article. The posts are yours and you have no worries, but what about the photos you’re using? Unless you’re a photographer and you have your own image stock. You can’t just google a random image and steal it. Its copyright stays in the way.

Sometimes, I take my own pictures. But I can’t always find something appropriate for each topic. That’s why I have to look for them on the internet. It’s very important to know what to use, to stay in peace with yourself, with the image’s owner, and with the law.

I’ve got a couple of free resources that will help you to just focus on your writing and forget about an eventual trouble with a photographer who will be claiming his rights.


My Stock Photos

my stock photos

This is a great site owned by the talented photographers of ThemeIsle. They do this as a hobby and thought it would be great to turn their passion into something useful for the other people.

There are a lot of great images here, took in trips and in different cities in the world. Also, a lot of objects and artistic views are part of this collection.

My Stock Photos is a brand new project, which looks promising and which has nice chances to become a big one. New photos are yet to be added here.




Unsplash is an amazing free photography resource that comes with an incredibly huge collection from all the categories. It provides so many photos that you won’t be very likely to remain out of stock too soon.

Apart from that, the images have big resolutions and a very high quality and also look great. You can easily find an appropriate photo for each of your articles and, if you have a big heart, you can submit your own photos on the site. 🙂

An always-updated website, with limitless options for your blog articles. You can download each image at its highest resolution and use it everywhere you need, not only on your blog. You’ll find here tons of possibilities for any topic you want to write about.

You can search for specific images and type different tags if you need something in particular. And based on how many images are posted here weekly, the chances to find the perfect one are high.

Life of Pix

life of pix

Clever name, a good pun after the Life of Pi movie. At this moment, there are 65 pages that provide very beautiful and artistic images. And all of them can be used for your blog. A great image in the right place can totally transform your post into something ever greater.

Besides the photography, there’s a video section named – cleverly again – Life of Vids, for those who want to give a plus of vivacity to their blogs. There are a couple of Vimeo videos, most of them featuring various things from nature.



As the name itself, this site provides lots of funny photography collections and comes with a funny design and look. So if you have a humor blog, you’d better click on this first. The images are made with craftsmanship by professional photographers and they are very original and different from the others.

If you are a little crazy and write about crazy and funny stuff, you’ll surely find something to your taste here.

Little Visuals

little visuals

This is a free stock whose author unfortunately died a year ago and the site is not updated anymore since then. Nic was 26 and left us a great site and a great photography resource that will help us in the future.

Visuals are very important for a website. Mostly, people first take a glance at how it looks and only then read your articles. Be careful to choose the right “little visuals” to catch their eye.

Even if the site was not updated for a year, there are lots of great and interesting images here that you might love. We should thank Nic for doing such a great job and for helping the others by offering his beautiful photo collection.


There are many free photography stocks but I guess these five are enough for now. These five sites already bring amazing image collections and will provide you high-quality photography a long time from now.

Everyone should know that, sometimes, an image can say more than a thousand words. I agree. Also, I believe that a good image can make your blog way more beautiful and fantastic than it already is.

The right image in the right place can both drive traffic and change minds. Let alone that it will build a solid bridge between you and your audience.

Visuals matter. Without them, a blog is nothing. Use them wisely!

4 thoughts on “Free photography resources for your blog – Where to find free images?

  1. Hi, very informative article.
    Please also check out for thousands of unique public domain photos, all high-resolution and free to use for any purpose.We specialize in photos by location as we document cities, national parks, state parks, national landmarks, and more. We update with 20+ photos each week. Appreciate it if you could add us to your list of sites.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Yinan! Wow, your site is great indeed. The images are great and I like the idea of having them organized by locations. Congrats!

      Yes, I’ll definitely mention it in one of my (future) articles or in this one. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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