Marketing speakers entertained the people at SEMdays Bucharest 2015

I wrote a month ago about SEMdays, an important international conference for marketing and SEO, that will take place in Bucharest this September.

Well, the event took place at Baneasa Grand Cinema last week and I really want to write down my excitement related to it. 18 great speakers attended the conference and it was a total success. At least from my point of view.

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What motivates me to work?

Well, I was asked this question a few times since I’ve been working at CodeinWP. Maybe my answer is too “mainstream”: to be a better person, to improve myself, to make myself useful to the others and to me as well.

I’m not doing anything because I have to or because people ask me to. I try to do the things because I want to do them. Of course, you won’t ever like every task or activity you’ll have, but at least I try to find the fun and the utility in each.

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What makes a book better than another?

I haven’t read too many breathless books in my life. That’s because I have a very high standard when it comes to the quality of a book. I always expect the unexpected from it, something that lets me perplexed or meditating at the end. Or the reverse. If the ending is not a shock, at least bring me an amazing adventure and breathless moments during the story.

I don’t need 15 years old teenage lovers committing suicide and I don’t want to read a whole book about how you make a soup and how you ridiculously describe every vegetable you throw in it.

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Marketing and SEO talks in Bucharest next month, at SemDays 2015

SemDays is a big international conference where lots of big names in the marketing area come and speak about their experience and give advice on how to have big achievements yourself.

I just heard the news and I can’t wait to attend an event that aims to teach exactly what I’m willing to learn and what really interests me. It’s all about online marketing and its various branches. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

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