If you look at the biggest companies in the world, there are just a few without blogs. I challenge you to go to their websites and find the blog. Also, you’ll notice that they’re posting regularly.

If brands like Samsung, Apple or Volkswagen have blogs, I think I just made my point. Most of the time they can be found under the name “Blog” but sometimes you’ll notice they are named “Latest News” or simply “News”, pages where these companies’ communicators are writing posts about the latest announcements and releases.

But we’re not Samsung nor Apple, so let’s get back to earth, shall we?


why a blog can save your business

A blog has an important role in the marketing room. First of all, it’s a simple way of promoting your services. If you’re creating handmade earrings, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to promotion? Blog and social media. But blogs are not just about that, they have a deeper strength.

Here’s a straightforward and friendly scheme HubSpot made to explain the importance of blogs and the process that leads to your goals:


Let’s dig then.



It all starts with SEO. For each post you write on your blog, you use tags, categories, and advanced SEO tools (just as Yoast SEO plugin is for WordPress).

By using a good SEO, your site will get indexed by Google way easier than it could be without a blog. Why? Because on the blog you can add content regularly, while on your business site you can’t. Google search engines support the new, updated and optimized content, which blogs do provide.

Blogs are the Google-friendly tools you need.

So, keep this in mind: blogs get your site indexed and people will start hearing about your company. But only if you post regularly. That’s the key. Post, update, optimize. Repeat.


SEO brings traffic

The obvious. When your site gets indexed by Google, people will find it easier. If people find your site they find about what you’re selling. Hence, your services get known. Hence, you’re starting to convert.

Of course, there are a few other methods to increase your traffic, but they require money. Blogging is a free and easier solution for the starters. Why not take advantage of it? Don’t waste what you already have, our ancestors would have been happy to benefit from these facilities back in the days.

EVERY new indexed page from your blog (I mean the blog posts) brings your site in the rankings once again. The more pages you get indexed, the more traffic you’ll have. Because Google analyzes a specific URL separately.


blogs provide social media content

social media

I bet you don’t want to create special promotional content every time you want to post on social media. Blog posts are all you need – people link to your article -> find out the site -> probably share it -> the reach grows. People hear about you. You just need to be patient. Nothing comes out without hard work.

My point is that the blog offers you free and ready-made content to fill your social media channels and increase your visibility.


use call-to-action for conversion

Okay, so you have constant visitors on your blog/site now. Your chances to convert increase each time a visitor clicks on your site. People are curious beings in general, they like to explore. Once they’re on your site, they will click here and there.

If you have nice and efficient landing pages, people will easily respond to call-to-action. You can add call-to-action buttons to your blog posts. You’ll be surprised to see their effects.

Call-to-action pages consist of stuff you’re giving away to your users. You can invite them to download a book, a guide, a catalog, subscribe to your newsletter, share a story with you, or whatever your goals are. People love free things, so even more if they’re free, they’ll convert.

This is how the blog business works.


blogs help you become a brand

It takes time. But if you show constancy and consistency, the results will show up eventually. So the more traffic you get and the more valuable articles you’re delivering, the more your word will weight into your community. You’re becoming a reliable source people trust. And they come back again and again to get the information and advice they need.

And they will promote and recommend you to others.

With time, you gain authority and your tips get heavier in your niche. It’s not simple, of course. You need to put hard work in everything and do it as a hobby. If it’s a hobby for you, you won’t feel like losing anything, but on the contrary.


don’t promote yourself, offer people relevant information

light in the dark

Many of you mistake blogs for a platform where they write stuff about their products and services. Yes, it’s about that too, but users come to your page only if you offer them concrete information about how they can improve their business.

No one cares how was your day, what you ate today, how proud you are of your achievements unless you teach them how to do that specific thing themselves and why (what are its benefits).

Share personal stuff only to give them lessons they can follow later on.

Always offer something in exchange, answer their needs, give them solutions. Be the light in the dark.


Blog = one of the most powerful marketing tools. But remember this every time you want to create content: it’s never about you, it’s about them. 

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