Marketing speakers entertained the people at SEMdays Bucharest 2015

I wrote a month ago about SEMdays, an important international conference for marketing and SEO, that will take place in Bucharest this September.

Well, the event took place at Baneasa Grand Cinema last week and I really want to write down my excitement related to it. 18 great speakers attended the conference and it was a total success. At least from my point of view.

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Free photography resources for your blog – Where to find free images?

It’s not so easy to pick the right images when writing an article. The posts are yours and you have no worries, but what about the photos you’re using? Unless you’re a photographer and you have your own image stock. You can’t just google a random image and steal it. Its copyright stays in the way.

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What are the main 5 websites you can build with WordPress?

If you ask me, I think you can build any type of website with WordPress. I’ve seen so many tools, plugins, themes, improvements, add-ons, and lots of other things that can totally transform your basic site into something that can become an essential pylon in your career.

But there are only 5 websites that are most used by people. The 5 that are the most popular and make WordPress the best CMS today and for a long time from now. If not forever. Continue reading

Why you should always update WordPress

Last month, I collected some of the most recent WordPress statistics and, among the amazing numbers I found, I was also negatively surprised about something: only 22% of WordPress sites are up to date.

I have to admit that I didn’t expect to read this. I know that the most people using WordPress are just regular users and they are probably not aware of how important the updates are, but I was still surprised.

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What motivates me to work?

Well, I was asked this question a few times since I’ve been working at CodeinWP. Maybe my answer is too “mainstream”: to be a better person, to improve myself, to make myself useful to the others and to me as well.

I’m not doing anything because I have to or because people ask me to. I try to do the things because I want to do them. Of course, you won’t ever like every task or activity you’ll have, but at least I try to find the fun and the utility in each.

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