People always complain about Mondays and lack of coffee. I’m wondering if you hate your job that much or it’s just a misconception?

coffe mondays meme

I just don’t get it. I agree the only two free days a week are too short, but there is life beyond work as well. I mean, the Apocalypse wouldn’t get so much hate and rejection like Mondays. I still didn’t get through a single Monday without seeing people almost committing suicide because a new week just started.


but there’s always a solution for everything

COFFEE! Let there be coffee and everything is going to be perfect.

There’s no need for a positive attitude as long as there is coffee. Because coffee solves everything. It was made to temper you each Monday. The effect is not the same the next day but on Mondays it’s miraculous.

Really now, the marketing guys should receive an annual price for washing people’s brains and making them believe that there’s no life beyond coffee anymore.

I bet that if coffee wouldn’t exist, you’d be way happier now. Why are we trying to lie to ourselves by looking for fake solutions that are meant to make our barely-bearable life better?

Our body does what our mind dictates. Give it coffee all the time and it will ask for more. Give it tea instead and your Mondays will be happier.


forget about Monday. think about TODAY

I personally take each day as it is. Monday is a normal day and has nothing different than the rest. If you’d start not to think about this thing all the time you’d probably seize the day better. So what if it’s Monday and I’m out of coffee? There’s water for everyone.

Stop telling yourself all the time “It’s Monday and I need to cry” because this is exactly what you’re going to do. Start treating all days the same and you’ll notice that you won’t need coffee anymore and everything is going to be just fine. And fun.

Coffee doesn’t change anything. Only your mind will.


Is anybody else feeling the same about this?

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