How to create an online store with WordPress

Online stores are becoming increasingly popular every day as most of the people are rarely getting out of their comfort zone. We’re living in speedy times, so each thing that can help us save precious moments is very important.

Most of the people won’t go outside to buy something when they can simply enter a specific site, look for what they need, and instantly order it in a few clicks.

Also, the sellers who want to expand their business into something big, all over the world, use the comfortable path of launching an online store.

How can WordPress help you to build a great online shop?

WordPress has always been an amazing platform, which offers tons of incredible resources and facilities for everyone, no matter what you exactly want to do with your site. In this case, WordPress is becoming a solid e-commerce tool and it already is a fearsome competitor for the other big e-commerce companies.

The WooCommerce plugin that allows you to create a store is completely free and it comes with a lot of good features and options. Many than you would imagine for a free tool. If you just install the plugin, you can start a promising shop without too much effort.

How to set up an online shop with WordPress?

There are a few steps in the process of building an online store by yourself. But it’s easy enough if you already know the basics of WordPress.

Even if you are a newbie, you should be able to handle this decently.

  1. Choose a hosting service and install WordPress.These are the first steps to take in the process. Installing WordPress is easy, but you first need to buy a hosting service with a personalized domain name. If you don’t know much about WordPress hosting, maybe these articles will help you:

If you need to build a big shop, then choose a hosting that can offer you a bigger memory.

After you set up the hosting, download WordPress and follow the guidelines to install it. The installation is quick and sometimes the hosting service has its own tool to automatically install WordPress for you.

And the first step is over. You got through the most difficult one.

2. With WordPress up and running on your site, you need to install an e-commerce plugin compatible with WordPress.

There are a couple around the internet, but the most popular and used plugin is WooCommerce by WooThemes. The plugin is free. All you have to do is to download it from their site or from WordPress official plugin directory. Actually, it’s even easier to look for it by typing its name in your dashboard’s Plugins section. Click Install ->> Activate and the e-commerce service is now available for you.

Your WordPress website officially became an online shop.

3. Customize the shop.

But this is not all. You have to customize and personalize the site by browsing through WooCommerce plugin’s features and settings. You must be very carefully what you choose and what options you select if you want your business to go well.

WooCommerce has a lot of options and details you need to pay attention to for having all organized and set up.

4. You also need a good and reliable theme. 

The plugin is not enough.

Not every WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce and not every theme is made to support your shop’s settings and preferences.

When you choose a theme, be careful it works with WooCommerce. Of course, there are lots of e-commerce themes for WordPress, free and paid, so you won’t have to check each feature of any theme.

WooCommerce WordPress themes are the ones created with just one thought: to work for e-commerce websites. These themes will fit every need an online shop’s owner has.

To ease your job, here’s a list with some of the best premium WooCommerce WordPress themes.

The themes can be installed the way you installed the plugin in the first place. Type the chosen theme’s name on your WP dashboard’s Themes section, install it and then activate it. Preview your site to see how it looks like.

5. After you installed the theme, go to the General Settings of the plugin and make the final changes, to make sure they fit your theme’s design, features, and settings.

Now you’re closer than ever to launch your first online store on WordPress. Feel free to add your products. It’s as easy as adding a new post in the WP editor. The difference is that you must select each product’s particularities the plugin is requiring below the post editor.

6. You’re not done. Add all the additional tools you need to grow your store. I’m talking about tools for SEO, security, anti-spam comments, rating systems, Google Analytics, email marketing, caching, contact forms, and lots of other plugins you need for improving your site and business’ performance.

These are the main steps you need to take to launch an online store on WordPress platform. If you already tried this before, share your experience with us. 

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