Why is WordPress the best CMS ever?

These days I was looking for the most recent WordPress statistics for CodeinWP blog and I realized not only that WordPress is the incontestable leader on today’s market, but also that WordPress never had a strong opponent. And, if you analyze the newest stats, you’ll realize that it’s very likely to stay on top lots of years from now on.

It is growing every day and it doesn’t look like the next two opponents can challenge it with anything.

But the numbers will speak for themselves. Take a look and wonder!


just some general amazing stats

Encouraging enough for WordPress’ future?


how is WordPress evolving so fast?

Everybody’s wondering. That’s why specialists made some live stats. Or measured WordPress’ growth every year, month, day… and even second. Here’s what I mean:

And the icing on the cake…


what exactly happened last year?

WooCommerce wins a lot of ground as well because…


okay, okay, but what about money?

We’re having stunning stats, but what about the businesses?

With the same budget, you can buy:

25 premium WordPress themes or

20 years of hosting or

100 domain names (.com) or

12789 mexican pesos = 850 domestic beers

Not that expensive. It’s for a lifetime. 


how is the WordPress themes business going?

Do you still think that WordPress will let the guard down in the next, let’s say, 10 years? 

If you’re still in doubt about starting a business or a website on WordPress, I think that all these stats made you change your mind a little. WordPress is a strong and big community and becomes even stronger in time. 

May the WordPress force be with you!

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