Books – An obsolete way to learn WordPress?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the best online courses for learning WordPress. But being a more old-fashioned person, I asked myself “What about books? Paper books, not online books.” I know people read the books online now, on Kindle or whatever. I still couldn’t make the move from my classic, good-smelling, and comfortable book to online devices. I find them stressful and tiring.

And maybe there are still people who sometimes want to turn off the computer and the phones and do something else.

That’s why I thought it would be great to look for some interesting WordPress books that could help you learn it from your comfy bed. Or from the park… or from the metro. Or from anywhere.

What are the best books for learning WordPress?

I made a top with the ones I found interesting and helpful for beginners or even for more advanced people.

  1. WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Let’s not take its title too personally! Actually, we are all dummies when we want to learn something completely new. This book will explain you even the simplest and most obvious things in WordPress. To skip to advanced, you first have to go through this basic guide.

The book contains all the main steps – from installing WordPress and learning how to use the dashboard to how to create a website and to customize everything. You’ll find information about plugins, themes, SEO, social media, hosting etc.

So this book is not really for dummies, as it goes pretty in-depth at some point. After you read it, you’ll actually know how to create a website by your own. A big thing, don’t you think?

WordPress All-in-One for Dummies costs $21.47 and can be ordered online right from the Amazon site. Apart from the price, you can also find other information about this book.

2.  WordPress: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald

This book covers almost the same topic as WordPress for Dummies: how to build a WordPress website by yourself. It has an-easy-to-read style and every beginner should have this at home. The book comes with the essential steps in not only making a website but in keeping it updated and alive.

Here you can find in-depth information and explanations on how each WordPress’ tool works and why is it important for a successful website. Besides the more-or-less technical side, Matthew MacDonald gives some advice on how to write good content and how to promote it on the web.

So you have the chance to learn even more than just WordPress in just one book. Cool, huh?

The Missing Manual costs $22.67 and can be found on Amazon site as well. Take a look to see how you can buy it.

3. Digging into WordPress by Jeff Starr and Chris Coyier

You probably heard about Digging into WordPress blog while you were searching for WordPress courses and resources. If not, well, there’s a blog with the same name because the authors decided to write a book as well.

It has 400 pages where you can find interesting stuff, e.g. the setup process, design tips and tricks, security, and long-term maintenance. The book has interactive chapters and colorful lines so you can learn and find what you need pretty quickly.

Apart from that, the book also contains code snippets for coders. So it goes to the next level of learning WordPress. But it’s not only the book you’re buying because it comes with a PDF supplement that includes WordPress bonuses and tricks.

Digging into WordPress can be bought right from the blog I was talking about and you can choose to take the print version – $75 – or the PDF – $27. The print looks more like an agenda or a notebook, with interesting and colorful pages.

4. Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog by Thord Daniel Hedengren

This book takes you to another level already. It’s not only teaching you how to create the basic WordPress blog site but to make a website for any purpose. For instance, e-commerce, photo galleries, forums, and business websites. So maybe, after you’ve learned everything you needed in WordPress, you can start your own business and make money from it. Because this is the real goal for many of us.

In this book, you can find specific topics like custom headers and backgrounds, custom login forms and white labeling, theme options, widgets, SEO, social media, navigation menus, responsive design, theme development, custom posts, and many more.

So, after you finish this book, be ready to start that business you were dreaming of. And you have the occasion to manage everything.

Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog costs $26.76, has 368 pages, and can be bought right from the Amazon website.

5. WordPress Websites Step-by-Step by Caiman Jones

Another easy-to-read guide for people who want to learn how to build their own WordPress website. It starts with the hosting and how to manage it and follows up with some security tips and advice – the very first steps of creating a site.

The book also comes with more than 55 images, so be sure you won’t get bored while reading it.

Besides the tips about building your first website from scratch, the print version offers a bonus chapter with tips on how to get your first visitors and links to a couple of video tutorials. You will also find out where to get free plugins, themes, and tools for improving your site’s performance.

WordPress Websites Step-by-Step costs $9.99 and can be found on Amazon in various versions.

Specialized WordPress books?

These are the main five books for beginners. But there are still lots of other books that target a specific audience, e.g. developers, designers, or SEO enthusiasts.

If you are already an advanced person and you want to learn more about this vast WordPress world, e.g. coding your own plugins and themes, create great design items, or achieve various SEO skills and knowledge, then I suggest the following books:

I hope that all these books will help you to become a WordPress master and, in the same time, to relax a bit, drink a cup of tea, and forget about technology. Such a sweet irony!

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