There are lots of young and talented people out here looking for recognition and they all try to “sell” their best works and projects on the internet. The most effective way to do that is to launch a personal site and showcase your best stuff there.

For that, a portfolio is a must. So everyone is looking for a WordPress theme that necessarily provides a portfolio section. BUT did you know that you can add one all by yourself?

Let’s say you like a simple and (maybe) free theme that doesn’t come with a portfolio integrated. It’s not a big deal to create one all alone.


how to create a portfolio page

The most obvious solution is through WordPress plugins. I wonder if there is anything in the WordPress world that can’t be solved with plugins.


Envira Gallery plugin


Envira Gallery is one of the solutions. Bad news: it’s not free. And another bad news is that you need the silver license to be able to make portfolios. And it costs $49. This would be the downside of this plugin.

Envira Gallery offers you and the user a great visual interface and allows you to create beautiful and responsive photo galleries. Envira is not a pre-defined portfolio plugin, but you can easily create one thanks to its add-ons.

The good news is that it’s very simple to create a portfolio with Envira Gallery plugin. Assuming that you already know how to create photo galleries in WordPress, using Envira is as simple as a regular gallery.

Just one thing you need to do first: activate two of the add-ons the plugin provides – Album and Standalone. Then you can simply and easily create your albums and galleries in a few steps.


Nimble Portfolio plugin


Another plugin, this time a free one (I know you’re happy to read this magic word), is Nimble Portfolio. Just download and install it.

This plugin works great and is very easy to set up. Just go and explore its settings and options and follow the intuitive steps that it is offering.

The bad news is that Nimble Portfolio plugin won’t offer you the possibility to create sophisticated galleries or portfolios with modern and good-looking layouts. It will create a basic grid-style portfolio. If you want something more engaging, then you should consider buying a theme that provides this kind of portfolios.

After you added all your items in the building window and clicked Publish, take the shortcode [nimble-portfolio] and paste it to your new page – a page that you have to create before (obviously named Portfolio), which will become your portfolio section.

On your portfolio page, a simple and basic portfolio will appear. As I said, it’s not a very impressive portfolio but if you’re looking for a simple and minimalist one, you should be happy with it.


use a free or premium portfolio theme


Of course, apart from the paid themes, there are a couple of great free portfolio themes that can fit your needs easily. If you don’t consider building a portfolio for your site by yourself, then start looking for some themes that were primarily designed for this purpose.

Depending on your budget, you can choose to use a free or a premium one. Of course, there are cheap and expensive premium themes. It’s your choice. But, for the record, there are lots of themes that come with an efficient price-features ratio.

Further, I listed some beautiful and rich collections that feature ones of the best WordPress portfolio themes, both free and premium.



I hope all these resources will help you to make a smart and efficient decision, so your portfolio will be a good bait for people interested in your work. 🙂

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