Marketing and SEO talks in Bucharest next month, at SemDays 2015

SemDays is a big international conference where lots of big names in the marketing area come and speak about their experience and give advice on how to have big achievements yourself.

I just heard the news and I can’t wait to attend an event that aims to teach exactly what I’m willing to learn and what really interests me. It’s all about online marketing and its various branches. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

For the first time in our country

It looks like next month, on 24-25th September, Bucharest will hold for the first time SemDays event, a great international conference. And whole is about marketing! The emphasis will be on content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO marketing. Almost everything of what is being now one of the most successful keys to a rich career, from all the perspectives.

The event will last two days and will bring 18 big international names who managed to create solid paths towards their success in marketing zone. That’s why listening to them could bring you a few hints that you could use further in developing your own career.

Founders and co-founders of big international websites and projects, awarded for certain accomplishments, or working for important firms in the industry, the 18 names’ list also features five successful Romanian speakers.

A great opportunity for those who pursue a marketing job

Everybody can join the event and submit for a day and or both. So it’s a big chance for people who want to hear stories from the professionals. Moreover, if you’re a beginner you have the chance to familiarize yourself with the atmosphere of a big event because you’ll probably attend a lot more in the future. Having it in your own country or city is even better. You can go easier through what could be a more difficult social interaction.

Each tiny occasion of meeting an important person and asking him/her something is a step forward. You can find lots of interesting “secrets” and make connections somehow. Who knows what can happen?

Marketing means socializing, that’s why you shouldn’t miss any of these events if your dream is to become of the guests someday and not only the spectators. First talk to people and only then expect to talk in front of the people. It’s a lot more work than you can imagine.

How do you get there?

To attend SemDays next month, you have to register on their official site by completing your data and paying the tickets. Or the access pass. The prices grow each two weeks and if you’re hurrying a bit you can still catch the very early bird offer.

The very early bird prices are available for another 7 hours from now and cost $125 for a single-day pass and $145 for both days pass. Starting with tomorrow, they’ll grow to $155 and $185, respectively. If you decide too late, then you’ll gonna have to buy the pass with $175 and $115, respectively.

So if the topic fits you well, don’t hesitate! The clock is ticking fast.

Don’t make plans and get ready for two busy September days. The doors are open at 9 in the morning and get closed at 6 PM. But wait, there’s an after party at 8 in the night. So prepare yourself for learning how to build a strong career and having fun. 

I already booked my place. Did you?

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