WordPress.org vs WordPress.com? Which one is better?

Lots of people from around the world use WordPress for their websites. Most of them use it for their blogs. And many are directed to WordPress.com, which is free and easy to set up in a couple of minutes.

Using WordPress.com is easier and more comfortable… only in the beginning.

If you need something more complex that can be easily and entirely controlled, then WordPress.org is the optimal choice here. To allow you have the last word when it comes to your website’s design and performance. You are the master and you command every little detail about your site!

In this article, I’ll help you with a few vital steps that you need to go through in this process: from hosting, plugins, and tools to themes – the key for a successful site.

WordPress is good at everything

WordPress is an incredible platform that brings the user tons of tools, plugins, themes, services, and resources you weren’t even aware of. With WordPress you can customize, literally, every small detail about your site.

But many confuse WordPress.org with WordPress.com. Why is WordPress.org better?

  • You can use your own domain name by buying your own hosting service so you can have a personalized address.
  • By buying a good hosting service, you will be able to optimize your site’s performance (speed, bandwidth, etc.). WordPress.com is self-hosted and you don’t have any control over your site’s uptime if something goes wrong at times.
  • Using WordPress.org you can customize everything. And when I’m saying everything, I mean it. You can completely customize your theme, add plugins and tools to improve different aspects of your site, use shortcodes to embed various files and so on. In short, you will have exactly the site you’ve dreamed of. WordPress.com does not come with any of these features. You will have to use a pre-built template without being able to make any customization.

How is WordPress.org working?

Installing WordPress on your website is not a big deal. Besides an appropriate budget, it only requires some spare time. These are the main steps to building a site with WordPress:

  1.  Research for a good hosting provider. There are plenty of them, just look for one that fits best your needs. It’s very simple, you only need to go through a sign-up process and follow a few steps. One vital advice: don’t try free hosting!
  2. After you set up the hosting, download WordPress and follow the guidelines to install it. The installation is quick and sometimes the hosting service has its own tool to automatically install WordPress for you.
  3. After you installed WordPress, let the fun start! It’s time to choose a theme. There are plenty of free and premium themes filtered by categories and work fields.
  4. Look for every tool and plugin that can improve your site’s performance. You’ll notice that for any small thing you need, you’ll always find a specific tool that will help you with the optimization process.

For instance, if you need better SEO optimization for your website, search for WordPress SEO plugins and you’ll find tons. It’s available for any other new feature you want to add to your site.

Cons of using WordPress.org

  • Can get expensive at some point. If you put in balance all the things you need to buy, you’ll have to look in your wallet. But you know, in the end, putting money on the table for a goal can turn into something successful.
  • Have patience, it takes time! Taking everything step by step can take a while until everything is set and done. But patience leads to excellent achievements, it’s proved.
  • If you’re not very experienced in working with online platforms, maybe you will need somebody else’s help. So it’s possible to get yourself stuck at some point. Still, I believe that WordPress is easy for most people.

WordPress is like a universe that comes with tons of tools and services made to improve the user’s experience in working with the platform. The great thing is that you can travel all around this universe by yourself and taste a little bit of everything. WordPress can satisfy all your needs if you’re curious enough to see how it works.

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