WordPress meetups, a huge chance to improve your social skills and promote your business

I’ve been working with WordPress for 8 months and I’ve had the chance to go to our local WordPress Meetup here in Bucharest. Each time, a member of our team was supposed to make a presentation about our WordPress business: ThemeIsle, the online store, and CodeinWP, the blog.

We are a niche

WordPress meetups are held all around the world, in each country. Which is really encouraging for our niche community. We are nothing but a small community if we look from a global perspective. Let alone that if we look from a national perspective, we’re even fewer. That’s why sometimes it feels good to meet people from your own work field and find out what’s their occupation or their contribution to this small WordPress world.

It is good to see many people from your own country gathering in one place, once a month, to tell the others what are the projects they worked at in the last time and the new things they learned while doing their job.

Why are WordPress meetups useful?

Some promote their brands, some follow their hobbies, and some do both

I went to Bucharest WordPress Meetup only twice. My colleagues were on the speakers list, so I came there to support them. And I noticed that all the people were simple, educated, and willing to improve themselves. To find interesting things and “steal” ideas from the ones who already had a successful career in WordPress. Or from the ones who are already having it in the present.

I was surprised to see various people that hadn’t much to do with WordPress though. But they are funny while trying to admit it. Some came there because their friend brought them before going to have a beer together. Some are studying marketing techniques and want to find out how WordPress people are promoting their businesses and what are their strategies. Others just have successful sites built on WordPress and want to tell us their stories and how awesome WordPress is.

But most of them are developers. Coders are everywhere. Romanians can be proud with their developers. We have many and almost all are doing great jobs. These guys are proudly waving our flag everywhere in the world. And lots are working with WordPress. Or at least they are in love with WordPress and they are doing this from passion. Cheers, guys!

The nicest thing is that these gatherings are taking place peacefully, in a relaxing and funny atmosphere.

Apart from promoting your brand, you socialize

One of the best aspects of these meetups is interacting with each other. Not only you meet WordPress people and built relations helpful for your career, but you also socialize. Most of all, you can find great friends there and create yourself a chance to be known and appreciated for what you’re doing.

Not much a people person? You could try to speak to one of these guys and you’ll see nothing can go wrong. Think about one thing: you have the chance to talk about your job and hobby with someone who likes something similar.

By the way, after the official meeting, everyone can go for a beer and get to know the others in a more comfortable and non-formal context. It’s part of the tradition! Imagine you’re hanging out with friends.

It’s a good public speaking opportunity for beginners

These small communities can be an important bridge between your fear of speaking in public and your will to defeat it and to become a good speaker. It has to start from somewhere, isn’t it? And I believe this could be a huge window to the professional world.

Call it a practice, if you want. Nothing bad can happen from trying. on the contrary, it will help more that you can imagine. It will have an important impact for your future similar projects. Because your self-trust starts to grow more than you can imagine.

So if you like WordPress and want to build something great from your hobby, don’t hesitate! WordPress meetups help more than you think. Not only they offer you a chance to grow a successful career, but to develop your personal skills and curiosity. To meet people who already did that. 

And learn from them. 

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