How to easily learn WordPress online – Best online courses for beginners

When you first come into an unknown world and you have no idea what’s all about, you feel confused and disorientated. There are lots of things to be discovered and you don’t even know where to start from. Because once starting to understand the simple aspects, they start to link to each other step by step and this way you begin to understand how the entire “machine” works.

Learning WordPress is very similar. If you never had something to do with it – or at least you used it for some basic needs – and you want to become a pro sooner or later, it won’t take too long.

Just kidding. Learning and knowing various things about WordPress is not so hard. But trying to advance and find its in-depths would take years.

But you need to start from somewhere, right?

That’s why I’ll be presenting you a couple of online courses that will initiate you into WordPress world.


I can’t brag I tried the other ones that will come next to the list, but Treehouse is awesome. This is the course I’ve taken when I had my first experience with WordPress. Of course, I knew some basic things before that: how to write a post, how to add media, how to pick a theme and make simple customizations, and other stuff like that. But Treehouse really made me feel like I was listening to a story.

Zac Gordon is the professor and he does his job in a very professional way. He speaks loudly and clearly, without any hurry, so even the people who have just heard the word “WordPress” can understand what he means.

Treehouse doesn’t teach only WordPress, but a lot of other online platforms and technologies. WordPress has two courses:

  • Learning WordPress, which teaches the very basic things about using WordPress;
  • WordPress Development, which is more for technical people. If you feel like you can handle this, you can try it as well.

Team Treehouse offers a 14-day free trial, so you can finish the WordPress courses without having to skip to the paid plan, which costs $49 per month.

Also, after each chapter you have to pass some tests to have access to the next one. It’s really exciting and interactive.

The truth is I haven’t tried Lynda’s courses, but they are recommended by many people who learned WordPress online. is a LinkedIn company and it helps the users by offering professional teaching in the technology field – web development, web design, photography, multimedia and so on.

The website contains 3,735 courses!!! and offers a 10-day free trial before it starts to charge with $24.99 monthly. The plans grow as they come with extra features you don’t benefit of in the first place.

WordPress has a large dedicated area and the courses are organized by categories:

  • By users’ level – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Appropriate for all;
  • By subject – web, developer, design, marketing, business, photography;
  • By authors.

Also, if you better like reading than listening, they offer you full transcripts for every video tutorial. So you have 10 days to convince yourself of their quality and then maybe you will go further with the learning in your way to becoming a pro.

WP Apprentice

This site is only about WordPress and, good news!, the beginner course is all free. So if you the chance to learn how to build a WordPress site alone without paying anything. The other two plans start at

The free plan contains 10 video tutorials and it is a one-hour quick start that somehow summarizes what the other two plans develop later:

  • How to find a web host;
  • How to install WordPress;
  • Getting to know the WordPress dashboard;
  • Creating content: Posts vs. Pages and when to use each;
  • How to write a WordPress post;
  • Using WordPress themes;
  • How to use WordPress widgets;
  • Using WordPress plugins;
  • How to create custom WordPress menus;
  • How to set up DNS (and why it’s important).

The other two plans start at $47 – Essentials Course – and end at $147 – Business Website Blueprint. These two offer a more in-depth and detailed approach of every chapter.

So, if you’re wondering where to start from with WordPress, begin with these three courses and get familiar with its utility and functions. You’ll surely notice how many things you’ll learn in a very short time. Then, you can skip to something more advanced if you feel the need. 

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